A Beloved Tribute to Mika

I was so privlidged to be part of Mika's life from October 4th 2007 until 16th April 2012. She was a beautiful a Japanese Akita. I got her when I lived over in Sheffield. She came from Thornberry Animal Sanctuary in North Anston. She was very quiet, the only time you knew she was around is when you got a nuzzle from her for you to stroke her. She was very well behaved around humans, but if were a another animal then there was usually trouble, as she enjoyed hunting any other animal and expected dominance. She loved her walks and laying outside watching the world go by soaking up the sunshine.

Rest in peace Mika. You were a loving companion and a very good listener. Every one had a soft spot for you with your good nature and teddy looking face. I will so badly miss you but you will always be in my heart. Your suffering is over now princess, may your dreams be pleasant with lots of walks and sniffing around, not to mention all that eternal sunshine to laze away your days. Be good sweet heart all my love always.