Diving Films


This page is dedicated to films relating to diving activities I have been involved in. Due to the size of these films, is hosting them for me. Please note that when you click on a video a new page will be launched with the movie. To return to this page just close down the video page.


Clamming        - A movie taken by my self showing how Andy Westwood de-shells a clam. We often find these on our trips and as you will see the lads have got dab hands at making a tasty meal out of them.


Dolphins          - Last year whilst on a trip in the outer hebrides these two dolphins joined us for at least half an hour. Several people obtained footage, Craig Ellis-Clarke combined these and put to music.

St Kilda Trip 2006 the Movie - Video from St Kilda Trip in 2006.

St Kilda Trip 2006 Slide Show - Photo Slide Show from St Kilda Trip in 2006.